Rocky Mountain National Park - Part I

On our first night, we tried to hike to Chasm Falls but didn't make it there.

So we stopped at this place we are calling Little Chasm Falls.

Check out the wildlife on this trail:

Click for video

The next day we tried to make it to the top of Trail Ridge road but we ran into a blizzard. Another driver told us that cars were getting stuck in snow up the road so we turned around. The way down included whiteouts and icy roads.

Trail Ridge map

We did make it down alright. Here's video of the ride that starts with more wildlife:

Trail Ridge video

After that we drove to Bear Lake to see if we could hike somewhere without snow.

We ended up hiking to Alberta Falls in the rain/snow - it was worth the trip!

Alberta Falls video

After a long day, we went to Estes Park to look for shirts and souvenirs

Longs Peak
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